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Help Centre

Collection/Local Delivery
Terms of Use

Paypal/eNets/Credit Card

PayPal / eNets / Credit Card (Visa / Mastercard)

With either of this selection for our online payment, will be an immediate confirmation for your order / delivery. As there’s no waiting require for payment to be confirmed while having your purchase / delivery to be delay.


Collection/Local Delivery

How to choose your delivery

Upon the confirmed order, you can submit for your delivery / collection.  Invoice will be printable after your payment.

1) Advanced Delivery

* Submission and payment has to be complete at least 1 day in advance before delivery.

* Charges will be applied for re-delivery, do ensure your availability during selected timing.

* Special arrangement is required for Bulky parcel, do allow at least 1 day in advance for delivery.


2) Budget Delivery

* Delivery will be arranged within 3 working days upon receiving your 2nd payment.


3) MRT Station Delivery
We also provide MRT collection to deliver your purchased parcel to the designed MRT station at designed time slot, and this service is

free of charge

* MRT collection is only applicable for total item’s weight of 8KGs or less

* SMS notification will be send on the day of collection. Inclusive of collection point and staff contact information.

* There will be no waiting for late comer, re-arrangement will be required for those who have missed collection.


4) Self Collection At Warehouse

You can also choose to collect purchased parcel at PaperTherapy warehouse by appointment timing.
Kindly verify with us, your username, collection ID & contact number upon collection.

* Payment has to be done before collection, unsuccessful payment within 2 hours, time slot selected will be cancel. Re-submission will be required.

* Do come by accordingly to your selected timing to avoid any waiting.



Terms Of Use

1. Terms of service recognition and acceptance

2. Service Introduction

3. Services Amendment

4. Terms of service changes

5. User account/password security maintenance

6. Users privacy protection rules

7. User management

8. End service

9. Refused to provide guarantee

10. Limited responsibilities

11. “PaperTherapy website” registered user service information storage and restrictions

12. Protection of interests

13. Announcement

14. Legal effect


1. Terms of service recognition and acceptance

The ownership and operation rights of PaperTherapy registered users’ service belong to ” PaperTherapy “. The service provided must be strictly enforced in accordance with its published Articles of Association, the terms of service and operation rules. Users clicking the “submit” button in the registration process have reached an agreement and accept all the terms of service with ” PaperTherapy “.

2. Service Introduction

” PaperTherapy ” uses our information and services to provide users with the international shopping service through the Internet. The user must provide detailed, accurate, true, legal and valid personal information, and timely submit to modify the personal data when there are any changes.

Users can also authorize ” PaperTherapy ” to reveal their basic information to a third party, but the company won’t make the users’ additional information public. Only if: ” PaperTherapy ” or a person authorized to disclose such information by e-mail service” PaperTherapy ” to provide the user’s personal data.

If user provides inaccurate, untruthful or invalid information, the company has the right to unilaterally suspend, interrupt or terminate the user’s right of PaperTherapy registered user services.

While enjoying the PaperTherapy registered user services, users agree to accept various information services provided by PaperTherapy registered user service.

3. Services Amendment

” PaperTherapy ” reserves the right to modify or discontinue the service without notifying the user. ” PaperTherapy ” exercises the right to modify or discontinue the service without being responsible for the user or the third party.

4. Terms of service changes

” PaperTherapy ” will modify the Terms of Service when necessary, PaperTherapy registered user service terms once be changed, the company will prompt changes on the page before the user enters the next step. If you agree with the changes, then click the “I agree” button. If you do not accept, then please cancel your user’s service qualification immediately.

Users will need two aspects of confirmation to continue using PaperTherapy registered user service:

1) Firstly, confirm PaperTherapy registered user service terms and its changes.

2) Agrees to accept all the restrictions of service terms.

5. User account/password security maintenance

Once you registered as a user, you will get a password and account. You will bear the legal responsibility for all the behavior based on your user name and password. Therefore, please keep your password safe and do not disclose it to any third party. Otherwise, you will bear all legal consequences arising from this. If you find that your password may have been disclosed, please change the password immediately. You can always change your password and information, also can end the old account and restart a new account. If users find any illegal use of users’ account or other security vulnerabilities, please notice ” PaperTherapy ” immediately.

6. Users privacy protection rules

Respecting user privacy is a basic policy of ” PaperTherapy “. So as a complement to the second point about the registration information, ” PaperTherapy ” would not open, change, or disclose the user’s additional information and the non-public content saved in the PaperTherapy registered users service, unless there are legal licensing requirements, or ” PaperTherapy ” discloses the information on the integrity basis necessarily in the following four conditions:

1) To maintain the trade mark ownership of PaperTherapy website maintenance

2)  Meet other requirements

7. User management

Users assume the responsibility of their issued content individually. Users’ implementation of the service is accordance with all applicable local laws, national laws and international legal standard web services.

The user must follow

1) Do not use the website registered users service for illegal activities

2) Comply all the network protocols, regulations and procedures in the registered users services.

8. End service

” PaperTherapy ” can suspend the Web services at any time based on the actual situation. ” PaperTherapy ” can suspend the Web services at any time without being responsible for any individual or third party. Users who object to any proposed service terms or have any objection with the term modification, or dissatisfied with SGshop registered user service, users can exercise the following recourse:

1) End user’s service eligibility of SGshop registered user service. ” PaperTherapy ” to terminate the user’s