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Paper Therapy was born and breed in Singapore. A boutique that houses a vast selection of handmade pop up cards for all occasions. Ranging from Birthdays, Weddings, Architectural for all the special moments you have in life.

A home grown company with the idea to bring to you greeting cards made of the highest quality of paper available. Paper Therapy uses only paper from Kishu “Rambow” Japan and Fedrigoni Italy. Combining the art of Origami and Kiragami with modern technology, we are able to create 3D and cemeatric designs which looks seeming impossible.

Elaborate and beautiful designs which requires concentrations, patience, a careful pair of hands and a lot of love to make. Design and made locally and around the region, we are constantly coming out with new designs to suit all occasions.

At Paper Therapy, we believe that nothing compares to a hand written card to convey a special message to a love one or business associates.

Your journey for that special occasion begins with Paper Therapy…

Creating memories since 2010…

History of Origami



The Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures.

History of Kirigami



The Japanese art of cutting paper into decorative shapes and figures.